Dear Friends, and friends of JBay, both new and old,

I hope this finds you well, healthy and coping with the Covid 19 situation wherever you are.

The situation here in JBay has not improved, in fact it has got worse.
The global and domestic travel restrictions, have crippled the community of Jeffreys Bay, where tourism from surfers, fishermen and holiday makers, is the prime driver of the local economy.
Stores and restaurants have recently reopened, but customers are scarce, and unemployment has escalated to never before seen levels.

The local people living in the townships, are struggling to feed their families. The situation became dire so I teamed up with an amazing group of local surfers under the banner “Lets Feed J.Bay”. These guys, Remi Petersen, Louisa and Dylan Lightfoot, Chokka Trahms and others took up the challenge to feed these desperate folks in our town, and through their efforts and support from the global surf community we have managed to purchase 10 tons of Corn Soya blend from the U.N. World Food bank.

Please Help!