Dear Friends, and friends of JBay, both new and old,

I hope this finds you well, healthy and coping with the Covid 19 situation wherever you are.

The situation here in JBay has not improved, in fact it has got worse.
The global and domestic travel restrictions, have crippled the community of Jeffreys Bay, where tourism from surfers, fishermen and holiday makers, is the prime driver of the local economy.
Stores and restaurants have recently reopened, but customers are scarce, and unemployment has escalated to never before seen levels.

The local people living in the townships, are struggling to feed their families. The situation became dire so I teamed up with an amazing group of local surfers under the banner “Lets Feed J.Bay”. These guys, Remi Petersen, Louisa and Dylan Lightfoot, Chokka Trahms and others took up the challenge to feed these desperate folks in our town, and through their efforts and support from the global surf community we have managed to purchase 10 tons of Corn Soya blend from the U.N. World Food bank.

Please Help!
I urge you to please read the attached letter to realize just how many desperate and hungry people we are feeding, and how your donation is and will continue to be utilized.
Unfortunately the first order of 10 tons, received in September 2020 has been distributed in it’s entirety, but we need to continue feeding these families, as they have no income or grants to cover food.
A single meal costs around R1.00 or converted, under 10 US cents, and have become a the staple diet of these folk and their children, in this time when they are unable to earn their income.

I want you all to know that 100% of all the money goes to purchasing the food, all the work is done by volunteers and nobody gets paid.

We urgently need to buy more food to continue our feeding scheme. US$30K is our goal in order feed everyone through Christmas.
Please understand this is not a luxury meal , but a bowl of nutrient porridge.

I appeal to you all to, look into your heart and please donate whatever you can, any amount is appreciated immensely .

Thank you for kindly considering contributing to help the people of Jefferys Bay.

Take care of you and yours,

Cheron Kraak

PS. The awesome surf and beaches are still the same, only a lot less crowded, come visit.

Please view our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letsfeedjbay/

Donations can be made via website: https://gogetfunding.com/letsfeedjbay/

The feed Jbay Scheme, who I am assisting, also have a Pay-pal account which is maybe easier. This is being used by people in the USA. The e-mail account is: lightfootdylan1@gmail.com

Direct deposits can be made into the following banking account:

Jbay Recycling Project
First National Bank Jeffreys Bay
Branch Code: 210515
Account Number: 62475396422
Bank First Rand Bank Ltd
Address: Bankcity
No.4 Firstplace
Zip code 2000


NPO Registration – 120-373
PBO Number 930047946

We are using the NPO account of Jbay Recycling Project as we do not have our own NPO set up as yet. A copy to me would assist us.

They are a registered NPO (non-profit organization) and PBO (public benefit organization) with tax and estate duty benefits attached to all donations, adoptions and bequests.We are able to issue you with a donation receipt in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act No.58 of 1962. Should you require a tax certificate, please e-mail us at: cheron@countryfeeling.co.za