Surfer’s Code is a program that Shaun Tomson has created to empower young athletes around South Africa and in the USA.

As the vanguard of South African Surfing Legends, he dedicates time and energy to the HPSA, the group’s coaching program. On Monday while he was in Durban and juggling a super busy schedule of addressing learners at a number of schools throughout the province, he managed to find time to address the surfers currently in the HPSA training modules.
The boys and girls were frothing and you could see them hanging on every word from the man who was the country’s first ever and only Men’s World Professional Champion.
Kim Parkes kindly donated a signed copy of Shaun’s book, ‘The Surfer’s Code’ to each of the participants.

Thanks to Shaun for the time.
Thanks to Jason for organizing the venue and the event.
Thanks to Kim for the book sponsorship.
Thanks to Di Parkes for capturing the event for the Legends Web site.

Shaun is currently addressing schools throughout South Africa on the Liberty Group SA #TheCodeTourSa

For more information about Shaun and Surfer’s Code book go to

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Kim Parkes with Shaun.

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