This is one of the most awesome videos that we’ve ever posted on the Legends pages. This movie on Twiggy gives the viewer a tangible look in to the exploits of a man hell bent of surfing the biggest waves that the planet can throw up. In the movie Twiggy acknowledges the fear and harnesses the inner strength to make his pursuits a thing of pure legend.

Michael Oblowitz, the producer/director is a Cape Town born film producer with credentials that go beyond. His work is world class and his art is incredible. The almost unseen film ‘Sea of Darkness’ (see clip) is one of his works. ‘Sea’ scratches though the surface of surfing revealing the hither to, undocumented underbelly. His latest movie ‘Heavy water’ traces the life and times of big wave charger Nathan Fletcher (read review).

Michael’s is a fascinating story with fills of Steven Segal movies in Hollywood and wide ranging personal accounts of his life as a surfer/director/producer that has its roots in Cape Town.

These two Saffers have combined to make a truly remarkable movie.